Dental Fillings

Dental fillings restore the function and shape of a tooth that has been compromised by decay. When we place a filling in your tooth, we remove the decayed material, clean the damaged region, then fill the cavity with composite, natural-colored filling material.

Our Approach to Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings - Hamamoto Dentistry - Bothell WA Dentist
  • We use natural-colored composite material to fill any cavities, making it nearly invisible for other people to see
  • The damaged tooth structure will be removed until only a healthy tooth structure remains
  • Once the dental filling has been placed inside the tooth, it will be properly shaped, smoothed, and polished
  • Your bite will be adjusted until closing feels natural and you can floss between your teeth
  • We will also check to make sure that food will not be trapped between your teeth and your new dental filling

Benefits of Dental Fillings

  • Limits damage caused by trauma and dental cavities, dental caries, or dental decay
  • Protects the remaining tooth structure from further damage
  • Reestablishes adequate function of the tooth
  • Helps prevent damage to the nerve of the tooth
  • Helps prevent tooth loss
  • Makes it easier to clean your teeth
  • Lowers the bacterial count in your mouth
  • Helps you achieve and maintain fresh breath

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