Advanced Technology

Hamamoto Dentistry offers the latest in Advanced Technology for our patients including DEXIS™Platinum Digital Radiography System for Digital Radiography and the 3M Chairside Digital Intraoral Scanner.

Digital Radiography

Kavo OP 3D Scanner - Hamamoto Dentistry
Our Kavo OP 3D scanner

Digital Radiography is a form of X-ray imaging, where digital X-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film.


  • Radiation exposure is often reduced by 75 percent or more when using digital radiography.
  • Digital X-ray technology produces images that are superior than traditional film, allowing for earlier diagnosis of deterioration and other issues that would otherwise go undetected on film.
  • Digital radiography does away with the necessity for automatic film processors, as well as the odor and wait periods that come with them, reducing the processing time to seconds.

How we use it

Hamamoto Dentistry uses the DEXIS™Platinum Digital Radiography System. The DEXIS sensor is the most comfortable system available and generates the finest quality diagnostic images. There are no harsh edges against the palate or soft tissue thanks to four beveled corners, a thin profile, and a smooth rounded casing.

Digital Intraoral Scanner

Instead of traditional silicone impressions, Hamamoto Dentistry uses a tiny camera to create highly accurate virtual impressions.


  • Less gagging
  • Shorter dental appointments
  • Higher accuracy and precision for better fitting crowns and restorations
  • Faster crown and restoration turnaround time

Making Dental Impressions

To take dental impressions, Hamamoto Dentistry uses the 3M Chairside Oral Scanner digital impression technology. The system consists of an intraoral scanner connected to a digital impression system and utilizes a tiny camera. This intraoral scanner, unlike your home digital camera, takes many photographs of your tooth and the surrounding area, then aggregates the information to build a three-dimensional model of your dental restoration.

Dr. Stefanie will scan the area and build your dental restoration immediately on the computer screen when your tooth has been prepped. The finished image is sent digitally to a technician who prepares the mold before sending it to a dental lab for creation, resulting in a faster turnaround time for your dental repair.

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