Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment done to remove the effects of coffee, cigarettes, wine, and other substances that permanently stain or discolor teeth

High-quality, professional Teeth Whitening will give you a whiter smile quickly. It will remove any stains that are on your teeth, even the deep ones that you can't get rid of at home with an over-the-counter whitener. It is an easy and painless process and there are many professional teeth whitening systems that are affordable.

How is Professional Teeth Whitening Done?

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In-office whitening procedure—Sinsational Smile® uses a fast and effective technology with a patented pre-filled silicone tray. This allows the jaw to remain relaxed and the person comfortable throughout the 20-minute procedure.

This procedure includes the use of an LED accelerating light that helps to activate the gel's whitening ingredients at a faster rate, resulting in a brighter smile and whiter teeth in less time.

As part of your procedure, you'll .also receive a take-home maintenance pen shown below to further extend your new brighter smile! 

Custom take-home trays—At the first appointment, impressions of your teeth will be taken. The whitening trays will be made and then delivered at a second appointment.

You will be given a whitening solution, whitening trays, and instructions on how to use them.

A follow-up appointment is two weeks later to check the results of the whitening treatment.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Professional Teeth Whitening does not leave teeth permanently white. Typically, whitening can last from six months to a year, sometimes even longer. However, smoking or consumption of food and beverages that stain can begin to cause discoloration within a few short weeks.

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