Intraoral Scanner

What is it?

Instead of traditional silicone impressions, a tiny camera attached to a wand is used to create highly accurate virtual impressions.

What are the benefits?

  • Less gagging.
  • Shorter dental appointments.
  • Higher accuracy and precision for better fitting crowns and restorations.
  • Faster crown and restoration turn around time.

How is it done?

Hamamoto Dentistry utlizes the 3M Chairside Oral Scanner digital impression system to make your dental impressions. Wired to the digital impression system is a dental instrument that contains a tiny camera known as an intraoral scanner. Unlike the digital camera you have at home, the intraoral scanner takes multiple pictures of your tooth and the surrounding area; then it compiles the data to create a three-dimensional model of your dental restoration. Once your tooth is prepared, it takes only minutes for your dentist to scan the area and create your dental restoration right on the computer screen. The final image is e-mailed to a technician to prepare the mold, who in turn sends it to a dental lab to create the final product. Digital imaging allows for the impressions to be sent to the lab immediately, resulting in a shorter turnaround time to produce your dental restoration. 

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